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What is the Mudkip evolution line in Pokemon GO?

Mudkip recently had its second Community Day in Pokemon GO. The Water-type pocket monster is a popular starter among PVP enthusiasts.

This water type was introduced in Gen III before the physics special split and before anyone heard of a Mega Evolution or Dynamax. Mudkip isn’t just famous for being an adorable creature. He also has one of the most impressive evolution lines in the game.

How does this Generation III Pokémon evolve?

As in the main series, Mudkip has two evolutionary stages. First comes the Marshtomp at the midpoint, and its evolution ends at Swampert.

In the main series games, Mudkip evolves into Marshtomp at level 16 and finally into Swampert at level 36. However, in Pokemon GO, Mudkip needs 25 Candies to evolve into Marshtomp and another 100 Candies to get to Swampert.

Technically, there’s another element in the Mudkip evolution line, although it hasn’t made its way to the mobile app yet. In Gen VI, Swampert received a mega evolution just in time for the Gen III remake.

Niantic hasn’t released any of the mega evolutions for Gen II beginners, let alone Swampert. Mega Hoenn evolutions have been added though, such as Mega Absol and Mega Manetric. It might only be a matter of time before Swampert gets his Mega Evolution in the game.

Swampert is the latest evolutionary stage of Mudkip (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Swampert is the latest evolutionary stage of Mudkip (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Mudkip has one of the most important evolutionary lines due to secondary typing. Most water types are weak to electric, but Marshtomp and Swampert have a secondary ground type. Since Ground is immune to Electric, he loses this weakness. This certainly comes in handy in the Hoenn area, where the third gym leader uses Electric-types.

In terms of Pokemon GO, immunities work a little differently. Instead of taking no damage from Electric moves, Earth-types take double reduced damage (39%). Therefore, since Electric deals super effective damage to Water-types, Marshtomp and Swampert take 63% damage from Electric-types.

Mudkip recently hosted a community day on April 10. Trainers had the chance to collect candies to evolve and eventually power up Swampert. Every Mudkip that evolved into Swampert during this event has access to the latter’s most powerful move, Hydro Cannon.

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