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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Greavard Tease Fans About Another Evolution Line

Pokemon scarlet and violet were originally revealed almost exactly eight months ago, and now only a few weeks separate fans from the official release of the Gen 9 games. It may be a shocking thought for some that Pokemon scarlet and violet have revealed very few Pokemon so far, with today’s new trailer featuring Greavard, a Ghost-type pup whose breed is likely based on Briards or Bearded Collies. Greavard is part of the canine trio of Pokemon scarlet and violetwhich numerous leaks have covered over the past few months, alongside Fidough and another undisclosed dark-type creature.


A key feature of Greavard in both the found footage trailer and the game’s dedicated spotlight video is the fact that this Pokémon hides its incorporeal body underground, save for a lit candle stuck to its head, which always shines with violet light. Ghost-type Pokemon are often depicted with purple flames engulfing them or parts of their bodies, with another very recent example coming from Ceruledge, which also happens to be a Fire-type and the Purple-Exclusive counterpart of Armarouge. However, in Greavard’s case, the candle lit on his head almost feels like The Pokemon Company is teasing fans of another beloved evolution line that wouldn’t be in Gen 9.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Greavard could be a new Chandelure

According to multiple sources, Chandelure and its pre-evolutions won’t be part of Gen 9 games, so much so that a leaker known as Riddler Khu has said that seven fan-favorite Pokémon will return in Pokemon scarlet and violetwith the exception of the Gen 5 Fire/Ghost candelabra. According to Khu, this list includes the most popular creature from each generation of Pokemon games from first to eighth, and the only odd one is Chandelure, which is not in the base game. That news alone was grim for some longtime fans, even though Gen 9 has its own Fire/Ghost hybrid in the form of Ceruledge.

Some believe that the reason Chandelure’s evolution line isn’t in the games is to blame on Terastallization, which could have spawned all sorts of memes for placing a flaming candelabra on this Pokemon’s head. While it makes sense to some extent that major new features dictate which pocket monsters return and which don’t, the terastallization theory doesn’t seem so likely now that Greavard has been revealed. In fact, it might have the same issues as the Chandelure line with a candle on its head that looks a lot like Litwick, the base shape of the Gen 5 evolution line.

Thus, the fact that Chandelure will not be in Pokemon scarlet and violet seems all the more like a way to tease his fans now that there doesn’t seem to be any good reason to take it down anymore. Still, it’s worth mentioning that this is most likely a coincidence based on the new standard of the so-called “Dexit”, or Pokedex cup, with Gen 9 games apparently only hosting a total of about 300 species back out of more than 900 from Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Chandelure could still be added to Gen 9 games with the rumored DLC, which should also include the third Legendary for Pokemon scarlet and violet and other creatures that were cut from the base game. The addition of Greavard could change the discourse around Pokemon scarlet and violetThe release’s exclusives, as both of its trailers reveal a Naranja Academy character, leading to speculation that the new Ghost-type dog is actually only available in Scarlet. All in all, there’s also a chance Chandelure fans will get a little something if Greavard’s evolution taps into similar themes, perhaps leaning into the candle as a primary aesthetic feature.

Pokemon scarlet and violet out November 18, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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