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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fan have an interesting theory about Smoliv’s evolution line

Pokemon scarlet and violetThe latest trailer for gave fans the injection they needed (not that they really needed) to keep the talk, rumors, and speculation going until more official information comes to light. The new Pokemon for scarlet and violet, although limited in their revelation, have already won many hearts.

Whether speculation about Pokemon scarlet and violet legendary, Koraidon and Miraidon, and their types or just adorable fan art of the beloved Lechonk, the community is having a blast. Notably, however, one fan came up with an interesting and well-received theory about the new grass/normal type, Smoliv.


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The Case for Smoliv to Become a Fire/Grass Pokémon

Redditor Matthaiosx_ recently shared an interesting Pokemon scarlet and violet theory which, even if they admit it, is entirely based on their desire for a Fire/Grass-type Pokemon, as that does not exist in the franchise. They speculate that Smoliv’s Grass/Normal type could change as it evolves, with the normal type eventually becoming fire. After all, as they point out, Smoliv would make as much sense as a Grass-like mono.

Normal type changes aren’t unheard of either, and they use Azurill, Swablu, and Fletchling as examples. Also, they point out how the official website states that Smoliv stores oil in its head, olive oil being popular in the Iberian Peninsula (which Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’region is based on). From there, it’s just a logical split from olive oil to fire cooking.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: ‘Smolotov’ would be a welcome and rare combo

One commenter even added a plausible name to this development, to which the community also responded warmly: Smolotov. It’s no secret that Pokémon names are sometimes combinations of words or patterns, so Smoliv is literally “little olive”. Extending that to “smolotov” combining the “smo-” with “molotov” is an interesting and compelling name.

Although this theory is a bit sparse and based on the desire for this typing more than concrete proof, many have welcomed Matthaiosx_’s theory. New Pokémon type combinations would be welcome in Pokemon scarlet and violet, and it would be one of the most unique combinations possible. Such a typing would not only disrupt the Pokemon Fire/Water/Grass starter triangle, but would be super effective against seven types, deal damage down to one, and have three 50% resistances and one 75% resistance in exchange for a super weakness against Flying, Rock, and Poison-types. As of this writing, the post has nearly 2,500 upvotes, showing just how popular such a development could be.

It would be a unique and popular Pokémon in scarlet and purple, but there are undoubtedly a ton of other unreleased Pokemon strike combos that would shake up the gameplay (and be interesting to see as well). Normal/Steel would be a powerful defensive Pokémon, Ground/Fairy would provide a ton of cover, and Rock/Ghost is potentially interesting. Whether Pokemon scarlet and violet even presenting a rare type combination, however, remains to be seen.

Of course, the only ones to know the line of evolution of Smoliv in Pokemon scarlet and violet are currently working on the game. It remains to be seen when Game Freak will want to show off more Pokemon and other features for the game, but Pokemon scarlet and violetCo-op design, open world, and more have all been well received so far. A “Smolotov” evolution would only add to this list of well-received items.

Pokemon scarlet and violet out November 18 on Nintendo Switch.

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