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Pokemon Fans Want Different Types For Timburr And His Evolution Line

A Pokemon fan creates an article detailing some changes to the Conkeldurr evolutionary line that better fit the line’s aesthetic.

While Pokemon Legends: Arceus was a resounding success, already fans of the series are looking forward to Pokemon scarlet and violet and wondering what Gen 9 will bring to the table. The starters having already been revealed to the public, hype around Pokemon scarlet and violet builds steadily as players think about what they want to see included in titles.

Because Pokemon Legends: Arceus took big risks to reinvent Pokemon wheel and found huge success doing so, many fans are wondering what Gen 9 will bring in terms of fresh gameplay and new features. One of the wishes of the fans was for the starters to be exciting in some way, and given the Pokemon scarlet and violet floofy Quaxley art along with other art has been filling the internet since its reveal, it seems Game Freak has at least achieved that goal.


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However, at the top of many fans’ wishlists is the inclusion of more Pokemon variants to both spice up the game and reinvent some overlooked or neglected monsters. These variants could include regional variants as well as specific cases like a Pokemon scarlet and violet fanart of a poison type eeveelution. In the same vein as these ideas, recently a Pokemon fan revisited the popular pokemon black and white Conkeldurr’s evolutionary line, noting some changes they would make to the three Pokemon it contains.

Rather than suggesting a potential Pokemon scarlet and violet regional variants for the line, Reddit user STMARV posted the evolving line on Reddit, including some keystroke tweaks that make the line more realistic and incorporate their hauled materials. Proposed changes to the line would see Timburr become a fighting/grass-type due to the log he carries, Gurdurr a fighting/steel-type due to the beam he hoists above his head, and Conkeldurr a fighting-type fight/rock due to the two massive slabs of stone it carries.

Conkeldurr’s evolving line has always left fans scratching their heads, but STMARV’s proposed changes seem perfect. Another Reddit user, Dasamont, explained that each of the three Pokémon can also have varying stats depending on their carried items. For example, Timburr might receive a much higher speed stat due to its low carry weight, with Gurdurr and Conkeldurr being much slower due to the massive weight that weighs them down. However, their attack stats could remain massive to compensate while Timburr’s would be reduced.

Between STMARV and Dasamont’s suggestions, these changes could breathe new life into one of the Black and whiteare more popular but somewhat disappointing and confusing evolutionary lines. If Generation 9 makes any changes, the changes made to previous Pokémon in Pokemon scarlet and violet should be at the top of Game Freak’s list.

Pokemon scarlet and violet will be released at the end of 2022 on Nintendo Switch.

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