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Pokemon Fan Reimagines What Charmander’s Evolution Line Would Love As A Fairy Type

A Pokemon fan reimagines what Charmander, Charmeleon, and Charizard would look like if they transformed into fairy-type pocket monsters.

Over the years, Pokemon fans reimagined what their favorite pocket monsters would look like if their typing changed. With the release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus and the anticipation of what’s next Pokemon scarlet and violet rising, fans are imagining various Pokémon in new and different forms.

This includes new regional variants that players think we’ll see in the next few Pokemon securities. There are also fans who love creating new types of Pokémon, showing off creative ideas that could definitely carry over into future games.


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A Redditor by the name of fluid__mimikyu submitted designs for Pokemon Evolutionary line Charmander if they were the Fairy type. All three Pokemon changed from their traditional red colors to various blues and pinks.

All three Pokémon in fluid__mimikyu’s reimagining of the Charmander line have a floral pattern on their undersides, which grows larger and more intricate as the evolutionary line is climbed. Rather than having a flame on the end of their tails, all three Pokémon now contain crystals, with Charizard’s tail being entirely encapsulated by crystals. Instead of dragon wings, Charizard now has pinkish butterfly wings with blue veins running through them.

The new hits fluid__mimikyu gave to the Charmander line are getting a lot of love. Many praise the appearance of Pokémon, especially the crystals at the end of their tails. The footage shows players trying to think of new names for the three Pokémon, as well as a secondary strike to go along with their fairy type. The images that fluid__mimikyu came up with also started a debate about what types of new starter Pokemon can be instead of the usual Fire, Water, and Grass types. The Charmander line as fairy types shows what may be possible in the realm of upcoming games and gives ideas for what GameFreak may implement in the future.

The Charmander line isn’t the only reinvented type that’s been seen recently. A user by the name of mutant_jay imagined what the Pokémon Goodra would look like as a Fire/Dragon type. The Pokémon’s coloring changed from purple, pink, and green to red, yellow, and orange. What was originally mud from Goodra looks like lava in mutant_jay’s drawing, fitting into the drawings of other fire types Pokemon like Magmar and Magcargo. According to mutant_jay, this version of Goodra would have an increase in his speed stat, although it was not mentioned what other stat changes would come. The modified Goodra, Charmander, Charmeleon and Charizard all look good and would fit in well as regional variants for the future. Pokemon securities.

Pokemon scarlet and violet will be released for Nintendo Switch in 2022.

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Source: Reddit