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Pokemon Fan Artist Gives Charmander’s Evolution Line A Halloween-Inspired Makeover

With the Halloween season fast approaching, a Pokemon fan decides to give Charmander and his evolutions a suitably macabre makeover. While Charizard already has an intimidating dragon appearance, this new piece of art from a fan artist has even the tiniest and cutest Charmander and Charmeleon looking scary.

Recently, scrapyone1, an artist on Reddit, shared a collection of photos showing off these creepy renditions of Charmander, Charmeleon, and Charizard. According to the artist, the project involved 3D artwork and the results of the transformation made the Pokémon look scary, to say the least.


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In one of the images posted to Reddit by scrazyone1, the three Pokémon that are part of the Charmander evolution line stood upright, staring menacingly at the camera. However, these Pokémon looked very different from their versions in the Pokemon franchise since their traditional color schemes had been replaced with a shade of black. Additionally, bones representing the Pokémon’s skeletal systems were visible in the designs, amplifying the spooky nature of the artwork. Additionally, the fire on the tip of each Pokémon’s tail had been given a much darker and more subdued tint.

More photos of the Halloween-themed artwork can be found in the original post.

As if that first pic wasn’t enough, scrapyone1 has included a number of other photos from their Pokemon 3D artwork on Reddit. For example, they posted a close-up image of each Pokémon part of the evolution line, allowing fans to take a closer look at the designs. Additionally, there was an image that showed Charizard, Charmander, and Charmeleon before they received their Halloween-themed colors.

Many gamers ready for the Halloween season noticed this spooky illustration of Charmander’s evolution line on Reddit. For example, a Pokemon fan revealed that their son thought the fan art was so beautiful it looked like a set of toys. Also, some thought the designs were reminiscent of the Delta Charmander from the fan game. Pokemon Uprising. In fact, so many players loved the appearance of these Halloween-themed Pokémon that the post managed to garner over 10.8,000 upvotes in just a few hours.

As Halloween approaches, it will be interesting to see what other artwork fans create based on the spooky time of year. Before sharing their Charmanader artwork, scrazyone1 posted several photos on Reddit of a Halloween-themed Bulbasaur and its evolutions they created, complete with pumpkins instead of plant bulbs. Time will tell what other awe-inspiring and chilling works of art this talented artist and others have produced in the weeks leading up to October 31.

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