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Pokemon Fan Art Imagines Rhyhorn Evolution Line As Babies

Pokemon fan art takes Rhyhorn, Rhydon, and the newer Rhyperior and imagines the large Ground and Rock-type Pokemon as babies.

Ever since Nintendo released the original Pokemon Back in 1996, fans imagined their own Pokemon and thought about what other Pokemon would look like if they were slightly different. Such Pokemon fan decided to create Rhyhorn’s entire evolution line as little baby Pokemon that effectively contrast their standard forms.

Reddit user Mmmmmapplepie recently posted fan art of his idea for a baby Rhyhorn evolution line, featuring baby Rhydon and Rhyperior. Each stage of the Rock and Ground type has a cute look to reflect their small size, and so they have big glowing eyes. Pokemon the sprites are normally small and can make large Pokemon like Rhydon look much smaller, but due to the sheer scale of Mmmmmapplepie’s fan art, it’s easy to tell the baby Pokemon sprites apart from their adult counterparts.


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Mmmmmapplepie’s baby Rhyhorn is the most basic of their three Pokemon in fan art as it has assumed its usual stance, its two front feet extended past its head with its right foot forward. Initiating the baby aesthetic for the evolution line which mirrors with Rhydon and Rhyperior, Rhyhorn’s head is as large as his body, which is a key aspect of fan art. Unlike Rhyhorn, Rhydon strikes a pose in the Mmmmmapplepie fan art, seemingly sucking on one of his hands while crossing his eyes to gaze at the large horn in the center of his face.

The standard Rhydon in Pokemon since Red and blue features a spike of hair above its horn and this tuft is particularly smaller in the Mmmmmapplepie fan art because the Pokemon has time to mature to grow its hair. Much like his larger version, baby Rhydon’s belly stands out from the rest of his gray body due to its color contrast, and his tail wraps around his body from behind. Rhyperior is the latest stage of the Rhyhorn evolution line and Mmmmmapplepie’s baby Rhyperior is more theatrical than the other two as he raises one arm skyward and looks up with a wide open mouth.

Rhyperior changes the gray and white color scheme of the Rhyhorn evolution line as he swaps a gray body for one that is a shade of brown and features clumps of rock resembling orange scales all around his body. Rhyhorn and Rhydon have been staples in the Pokemon franchise since their introduction in pokemon red and blue, but the third evolution was slow to join the Pokedex. Rhyperior was added to the evolution line in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl to make it a three-tiered process.

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