Evolution theory

Letter: The Theory of Modern Evolution Had a Stuttering Beginning

Your article “The Natural Thoughts of Charles Darwin’s Father” (Gardens, House & Home, February 19) focused on the naturalist’s father Robert, but also invoked the famous physician Erasmus Darwin, and of course Charles Darwin himself.

Although the article mentions these three Darwins and speculates that Robert might have been bipolar, it does not mention that the family produced many stutterers over at least six generations. This clearly shows that Darwin’s genetic algorithm shows a definite probability of stuttering, for the multigenerational Clan Darwin.

Charles Darwin himself stammered. Darwin’s grandfather, Erasmus Darwin, was a severe stutterer. Erasmus’ other son, also called Charles, shared his father’s severe stutter. The famous scientist had sons and grandchildren who stuttered.

In 2010, researchers discovered for the first time ‘stuttering genes’ which account for 10% of stuttering cases and there is hope that in the future more cases will be discovered.

Stuttering was part of Darwin’s algorithm long before there were even algorithms. Indeed, the Stuttering Foundation, a nonprofit charity, recently published an article about Darwin and his clan of stutterers.

Given his theories of survival of the fittest About the origin of speciessomething that is ignored by history is that generations of Darwins had to find their own ways to survive, being out of shape in the speaking realm.

Ed De Phillips
Fort Lee, New Jersey, USA