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Lara Logan Claims The Theory of Evolution Is a ‘Rothschild’ Plot

Fox Nation host Lara Logan pushed an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that Charles Darwin was funded by the Rothschild family to invent his theory of evolution during an appearance on a right-wing podcast.

Logan, former CBS correspondent 60 minuteswondered about the origins of Darwinism during an interview on And we knowa conspiracy theorist show that also promoted the radical QAnon movement, Media Matters for America reported.

“Does anyone know who used Darwin, where did Darwinism come from? Logan asked. “Look at this. The Rothschilds.

Logan went on to suggest that whoever used Darwin to come up with his theory of evolution can be traced back to the top of the British government.

“It goes back to 10 Downing Street, the same people who employed Darwin and that’s where Darwin wrote his theory of evolution. I’m not saying none of that is true. I’m just saying Darwin been hired by someone to come up with a theory, right?” Logan said.

“Based on evidence, okay, okay. But even the people, the scientists, all the people who can take you back to the Big Bang, what’s the one question they can never, never, ever answer They can never tell you what it was. Whether it was the molecules or the energy, or, you know, all that stuff.”

The Rothschilds are a famous Jewish banking family turned business dynasty that is frequently linked to conspiracy theories and anti-Semitic tropes that Jews secretly control the world’s media, banks, and governments.

This isn’t the first time Logan has voiced an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory or made offensive comments toward Jewish people.

Logan was dismissed by Fox News after she compared Dr. Anthony Fauci to the infamous Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, who performed inhumane medical experiments on Jewish prisoners at Auschwitz concentration camp.

During an appearance on Fox News’ Prime time In November 2021, Logan said people had told him the White House’s top medical adviser “doesn’t represent science to them” and instead represents the Nazi war criminal also known as the “angel of the death”.

“It’s because the COVID response, what it’s done to countries around the world, what it’s done to civil liberties, suicide rates, poverty, it’s wiped out economies,” said Logan to Fox host Pete Hegseth.

Following her remarks, Logan did not reappear on Fox News, where she was a regular contributor. Although she was never officially employed by the network, she hosted a show on its Fox Nation streaming platform, Lara Logan doesn’t have a schedule.

Logan was also dropped by her talent agency for the “very offensive” and “unacceptable” comments she made about Fauci.

Newsweek contacted Logan for comment.

Lara Logan of ’60 Minutes Sports’ speaks onstage during Showtime’s leg of the 2013 Winter TCA Tour at the Langham Hotel on January 12, 2013 in Pasadena, California.
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