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Awesome Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fan Art from Sprigatito’s Evolution Line

As fans waited for more news regarding pokemon scarlet and Purple, they have at least received enough information to keep them busy in the meantime. With each new generation, the news most fans want to know is what the starters look like. Whereas Scarlet and Purple gave fans that, it only inspired them to imagine what they would be into on their travels. The only way for fans to say what they think is through fan art.


Sprigatito puzzled Pokemon fans since it was announced along with Fuecoco and Quaxly. Its cute cat-inspired design quickly got its fans, and many of those supporters created fan art that shows what they’d like the Grass-type creature to evolve. Many of these artworks deal with Sprigatito remaining on all fours instead of going bipedal, as this is a trend with many quadruped beginners that fans want Sprigatito to avoid.

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Fan Art imagining Sprigatito evolving into a grass/poison type

This illustration by @Inkkk_r appears to depict Sprigatito’s form as a Grass/Poison type, much like the Venusaur line of evolutions. In the final evolution, Tyraviscum sees the Pokémon becoming more like a lynx, which is one of the theories behind Sprigatito’s evolution. The poisonous spikes along its body as well as its leopard spotted coat which is also shaped like flowers are a nice touch. One of the creative things about the design of this evolution is also how Ink chose to name the evolutions, bringing Spanish into the mix due to the fact that Scarlet and violet region is inspired by Spain.

Long Tail Sprigatito Evolution Fan Art

Yet another design inspired by the possibility that Sprigatito could evolve into a lynx, @stardustpuddle on Twitter opted to design a form that replaces Sprigatito’s matcha-like color scheme with a white coat in the final evolution. Even though bobcats tend to have short tails, the evolution of startdustpuddle for the Grass-type results instead in the shape of a long, vine-like tail covered in some sort of berry. It’s easy to imagine how the creature would attack with this tail, which helps players imagine that Sprigatito will eventually evolve into a similar design.

Sprigatito Evolution Fan art inspired by cacti

Again, inspired by the theory that Sprigatito will evolve into a lynx-like Pokémon, Twitter user @arnau555 has designed his own version of the Scarlet and Purple evolutionary line of the starter. However, what makes this design unique is the creative use of cactus elements in the designs. The middle evolution seems to be inspired by the flowers that can be seen on a few cactus species, while the final evolution has a spiky ball as part of its tail. Arnau also created fake Pokedex entries for these designs which can be found below the full artwork, including the creature’s types and abilities. This makes it easy for fans to imagine how Sprigatito might match up with other Pokémon.

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Majestic Sprigatito Evolutionary Line Fan Art

Similar to many predictions regarding Sprigatito evolutions, @VillaimBoom1 turned to lynxes for their perspective on the potential creature. However, the patterns and elegance of the evolutionary line make it look rather striking, giving it a lot of personality to stand out from the rest. This time the intermediate evolution seems to have sprouted a bud for a tail that turns into a partial bloom in the final evolution. It can be seen emerging from the usual short, stubby tail that lynxes are known for. The eyes of the final evolution designed by VillaimBoom are mesmerizing and unique, making many fans wish the official version had something similar.

Sprigatito evolutionary line inspired by puss in boots and flamenco

Although many fans prefer Sprigatito to remain on all fours, some fans have come up with ideas for his evolving forms that argue for him becoming bipedal in the end. The designs shared on Reddit by Ok-Development-5512 do a great job of changing the minds of a few fans. The final evolution seen at the bottom of the Sprigatito art images evolves into either a cat looking like a puss in boots or something more like a flamenco dancer, which is another popular fan theory about the Grass type. . Whatever form Sprigatito evolves into, Ok-Development-5512’s designs might be the ones fans would go with for a final bipedal evolution.

All of the shapes above are stunning and sure to inspire other fans to think about what they would like Sprigatito to evolve into. Whether the cat-like creature stays on all fours or starts walking in twos at the end, there’s sure to be something for every fan of the creature so far. At the very least, if fans aren’t happy with the official version of Sprigatito’s evolutionary line seen in pokemon scarlet and Purplethey can look to these pieces of fan art for inspiration before creating their own.

As for the actual evolution of Sprigatito, fans will have to wait for the games to arrive to see what lies ahead. Whereas Pokemon Sun and Moon revealed the evolutions of its newbies early, Game Freak was criticized for oversharing and avoiding the same mistake with Sword and Shield. While the end of 2022 is still a long way off, that doesn’t mean fans can’t have fun creating and thinking about what the game will bring in the meantime.

pokemon scarlet and Pokémon Violet will be released at the end of 2022 on Nintendo Switch.

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