Evolution theory

Lara Logan Claims The Theory of Evolution Is a ‘Rothschild’ Plot

Fox Nation host Lara Logan pushed an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that Charles Darwin was funded by the Rothschild family to invent his theory of evolution during an appearance on a right-wing podcast. Logan, former CBS correspondent 60 minuteswondered about the origins of Darwinism during an interview on And we knowa conspiracy theorist show that also […]

Evolution line

Pokemon Fan Art Imagines Rhyhorn Evolution Line As Babies

Pokemon fan art takes Rhyhorn, Rhydon, and the newer Rhyperior and imagines the large Ground and Rock-type Pokemon as babies. Ever since Nintendo released the original Pokemon Back in 1996, fans imagined their own Pokemon and thought about what other Pokemon would look like if they were slightly different. Such Pokemon fan decided to create […]

Evolution theory

Letter: The Theory of Modern Evolution Had a Stuttering Beginning

Your article “The Natural Thoughts of Charles Darwin’s Father” (Gardens, House & Home, February 19) focused on the naturalist’s father Robert, but also invoked the famous physician Erasmus Darwin, and of course Charles Darwin himself. Although the article mentions these three Darwins and speculates that Robert might have been bipolar, it does not mention that […]