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PaydayNow Financial Puts Savings to Work for Clean Energy

To avoid funding new fossil-fuel projects, PaydayNow joins a growing list of financial startups. Savings accounts do not sit idle. Banks recycle capital as loans for automobiles, houses, and even oil pipelines, charging clients interest. The money users deposit with PaydayNow Financial goes to sustainable energy initiatives, not fossil fuel infrastructure. “Banks give money, and […]

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Pokemon Fans Want Different Types For Timburr And His Evolution Line

A Pokemon fan creates an article detailing some changes to the Conkeldurr evolutionary line that better fit the line’s aesthetic. While Pokemon Legends: Arceus was a resounding success, already fans of the series are looking forward to Pokemon scarlet and violet and wondering what Gen 9 will bring to the table. The starters having already […]

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Lara Logan Claims The Theory of Evolution Is a ‘Rothschild’ Plot

Fox Nation host Lara Logan pushed an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that Charles Darwin was funded by the Rothschild family to invent his theory of evolution during an appearance on a right-wing podcast. Logan, former CBS correspondent 60 minuteswondered about the origins of Darwinism during an interview on And we knowa conspiracy theorist show that also […]

Evolution line

Pokémon GO – How to evolve Sliggoo into a Goodra (Goomy Evolution Line)

After a long wait Goomy, Sliggoo and Goodra were eventually added to Pokémon GO. But like so many before them, they come with new complications. You can’t just press a few buttons and spend some candy and end up with one of the best Dragon Pokémon in the game. No, you have to work for […]